Brent Hoffman gets real with his journey through addiction and his recovery


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Brent gets really real as he shares his childhood trauma with his dysfunctional family and how it eventually led to serious drug abuse and addiction. He tells vivid details of how his drug use went for being a means of coping and fitting in to the cool crowd to taking a dark turn for the worst. Contemplating suicide on many occasions and finally hitting rock bottom when another drug user stole his car, many of his personal possessions, and left him in the middle of the Nevada desert on a cold November night. This led him to finally seek help and get into treatment. His journey has been a 25 year process, but today, Brent celebrates 8 years, clean and sober. He shares what enabled him to pull himself back to a real life, filled with opportunities, forgiveness, and acceptance. If you would like to be inspired by a story of true redemption, this is it!
Brent is a dog lover, with a career in long-term care administration, providing services for our senior population.
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