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Sharnette Donacien is a dream builder! She helps people dream bigger, unlock insights, build a comprehensive and coherent strategy for success and the freedom to have the life they’ve always wanted to live. Sharnette is a qualified chartered accountant and restructuring specialist and is currently training to be a neuro-linguistic programming practitioner. In this episode we explore:

  • Her blissful early childhood growing up in St Lucia in the Caribbean.
  • Her move to the UK at age 9 and the struggles she initially faced.
  • How prejudiced teachers fuelled her determination to get into Cambridge University.
  • Her difficult move to the Netherlands when she was 8-months pregnant.
  • How she was challenged to write a book in a month and ended up writing four!
  • Her secret passion for history and creating a broader more expansive narrative for the Caribbean.
  • Her transition from the Corporate world and reconnecting with her creative right-brained self.
  • How she was inspired to write children's books as a way to support her children's self-love and self-acceptance.
  • Her desire to empower the clients she works with to dream big and achieve their goals.

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