The Bajan Empress Interviews Corine "Truth Bombs" La Font!


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Conscious-Comedy Meets Truth Bombs and what an amazing combo it is! These two powerhouses hit it off immediately. You can tell they're having a blast! This Bonus episode features the amazing Corine La Font as the first guest on the bonus episodes of The Bajan Empress, entitled The Heart Talks. Corine is an amazing guest. She's full of energy, wit, warmth and wisdom and drops truth bombs in the most entertaining way throughout the show. Corine is a PR Consultant, Digital Marketer, Award Winning Author, Podcaster and member of Toastmasters International. Tune in to hear Corine's journey of personal transformation and the wisdom she imparts on how to trust your guidance, love and appreciate yourself and follow your path of Faith without fear. Remember to like and rate the episode and leave a comment. Or you can call in and leave a voice message for Empress Yve. Corine's Website | Leave A Voice Message | You Deserve A Life You Love

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