55: Kiki With A Drag Race Winner


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You may know Matt McManus as Fuchsia Luzon, Drag Empress Manila Luzon’s drag sister during the ‘Jocks in Frocks’ maxi-challenge on Season 3, Episode 12 of queer phenom show Ru Paul’s Drag Race.
What you may not know is Matty has since become a multi-hyphenate (yeah, big word!) creator – an actor, comedian, writer, producer, rapper. He is also the host of his own podcast called McMayhem, a comedy/variety podcast where Matty shares his experiences, philosophies, ideas, and entertains with stories, rants, phone calls, and street interviews.

Matty talks fondly about Fuchsia and almost waxes sentimental about his appearance on Drag Race as easily being the ‘most special’ thing that he’s ever done and the personal triumph he is most proud of in his long list of achievements.
Matty shares where he got his enviable confidence and lust for life from, his challenging childhood battling a congenital condition, social anxiety and obesity, and how street culture heavily influenced his artistic inclinations.
Pero Bes, hindi inatrasan ni Matt ang mga intrigang DIUMANO ay hindi daw niya natanggap ang pa-vacation showcase na prize nya dapat sa show, at ang katanungan kung may OnlyFans account nga ba siya.
Si Matty na nga ang Kuya every queer person hopes they had. At ang susi sa pagka-achieve ng aming dream of six degrees of separation kay Mama Ru. Pa-kilig, Bes!
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