Episode #30 - The Importance Of Working With Your Inner Child PLUS Guided Meditation


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I swore when I became a hypnotherapist that I didn't want to work with children. But then I realised something very interesting about that very thing.

You see no matter how young or old my client, I always ended up working with their inner child.

I spent my whole time working with children. Which led to me realising the absolute important of doing inner child work so that we can start to dissolve the negative and limiting beliefs that are formed during that phase of our life.

Listen to this podcast for more information on that, and for a guided meditation to help you start to identify and dissolve your own limiting self-beliefs.

Please do not listen to the guided meditation at the end of this podcast while you are driving or doing anything that requires your attention. Make sure you are in a quiet, safe space, where you can close your eyes and relax. The meditation goes for around 55 minutes.

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