135. How to Set Appropriate Boundaries and Negotiate Well with Your Ex-Spouse


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Cooperative co-parenting with an Ex is the goal when you've got kids moving between two homes. You likely want your kids to experience peaceful transitions — you want to avoid tension and conflict as you negotiate with your Ex-Spouse.

But sometimes this seems like an impossible goal.

That's because setting healthy, appropriate boundaries in co-parenting without triggering conflict feels just out of reach.

In this episode, Kim is sharing how she took an 'easy wrong turn' when she felt provoked and pressured by her Ex-Spouse. Plus, we'll talk about how the consequences of her snap decision devastated her and rocked our family.

You'll discover some lessons we've learned over the years and how you can improve your negotiations with your former spouse — even when things get heated and emotionally charged.

The 3 practical strategies we land on will help you develop appropriate boundaries with an Ex and give you a simple framework for setting and maintaining those boundaries.

You'll Discover:

  • How to make wise decisions rather than snap decisions
  • A simple framework for setting and holding healthy boundaries with a resistant Ex-spouse
  • The importance of protecting kids from being in the middle of parental decisions
  • How to manage painful emotions when negotiating with an Ex

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