137. Practical Tools to Boost Family Engagement and Grow Meaningful Connection (with Special Guest Jennifer Zumbiel)


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Engaging the whole family in meaningful conversation is challenging for anyone.

And for blended families, positive engagement often feels impossible — especially when there's tension or one child makes it clear that they don't want to engage.

But don't lose hope!

Even with tension, stress, and yes — busy schedules or lots of distractions — today's guest, Jennifer Zumbiel can help you experience more connection in your blended family.

Jennifer is the host of the "Families That Stick Togather™" podcast and creator of the Togather™ conversation sticker games and tools. As a mother of four and a wife of 18 years, she understands how everyday distractions can impact face-to-face communication and threaten the strength of our relationships.

In this episode, Jennifer is sharing about the ways she has found to help us all "to gather" with easy, meaningful, and fun communication in real-life using the small moments we already have.

As you listen in, you'll pick up some simple, practical tools that will help you overcome distractions and reduce tension so that your family can connect in new ways. And we even chat about some parenting tips to encourage and grow strong bonds in your blended family.

You'll Discover:

  • Fun and practical tools and tips to help your family engage in meaningful conversation — especially around the dinner table
  • How to connect with kids that are withdrawing or isolating from the family
  • Why meaningful, positive connection is important to your family's bonding process

Resources from this Episode:

Ready for some extra support?

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