138. How Relational Dysfunction Plagued Our Marriage and How We Finally Broke Free


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Have you ever thought to yourself, "Our relationship is a mess!"?

I know I've thought that in different seasons along the way. What I wanted was a healthy, connected relationship with Kim…

…but at times it's felt hopeless — like we would never be okay.

And often in those difficult moments, my feelings got deeply centered on my own emotional pain. It wasn't just "we" would never be okay, but that translated to "I" would never be okay.

But just a few years into our marriage, I stumbled across a common relational dynamic that described exactly what I was feeling. Not only did I finally begin to understand what was happening between me and Kim. I also found hope that we could get out of this downward spiral we kept finding ourselves in.

Plus, I found out that I could be okay — even if things weren't going the way I wanted them to.

In this episode, we'll share our personal story of relational dysfunction and some of the first steps it took to move beyond our debilitating, unhealthy patterns.

You'll Discover:

  • How good intentions can unintentionally become dysfunctional — and unhelpful
  • Why it's easy for blended family couples to slide into codependency traps with each other, with the kids or even with former spouses
  • Practical steps to breaking free from unhealthy relational patterns

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