#193 What if Physical Health Wasn't a Chore?


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When it comes to getting healthy the idea of intense workouts, hours of food prep, and giving up some of your favorite “treats” can be off-putting.

Adopting a mindset of what you can’t do and shouldn’t have, cheating with food, and being “bad” can make anyone want to run in the other direction.

But, what if none of that had to be a part of getting physically healthy?

In fact, what if that mindset was actually stopping you from even trying to do the things you want to support your physical health?

In this episode, I’ll offer you some new ways of thinking about treating your body well.

You’ll hear about finding balance and dropping the all or none mindset for the "something is better than nothing" and "what will work for me today?" mindset.

Check out this episode and get a new perspective on how getting healthy can work for you without being a chore.

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