#197 Reclaim Your Life After Breast Cancer with Karin Del Maestro


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In this episode you’ll hear from Health and Transformation Coach Karin Del Maestro.

Karin is also the organizer of the Reclaim Your Life After Breast Cancer Summit happening July 9-15 2022.

I invited Karin on to the show to share her insights on self-care and simple ways of reducing the toxic burden in your life.

We also discuss some of the exciting speakers and topics that will be shared during the Reclaim Your Life After Breast Cancer Summit including:

  • Trouble Sleeping?
  • Thriving with Metastatic Breast Cancer
  • Libido & Painful Penetration: What to do and how to recover
  • Motherhood & Fertility After Breast Cancer
  • Be the Quarterback of Your Medical Bills
  • Advancing Breast Cancer Science for Black Women
  • Are you Existing with Breast Implant Illness
  • Surviving to Thriving - Your Mindset Matters!
  • Safe Use of Cannabis for Breast Cancer

Check out the show and grab your free spot at the summit HERE.

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