Biden has it wrong on the Second Amendment


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This week, President Joe Biden turned heads among many conservatives when he made the suggestion that the Second Amendment existed to limit gun ownership. He suggested that the amendment was added as a method to keep people from owning cannons. Aside from Biden being the only person alive that may remember the time when people wanted to own cannons, Biden has it wrong on the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment was never intended to be a means to control US citizens. In fact, it was created as a means to prevent the government from controlling citizens. Those debating the matter knew that power unchecked would be detrimental to freedom. So they set out to secure the rights to gun ownership.

It did not specify you could not own any kind of weapon. While the radical left wants to target “assault weapons” as they like to call them, the amendment does not give any guidelines as to what type of weapons that people can own. Biden went as far as to suggest to compete with the US military, people should have fighter jets and nuclear weapons.

So is Biden saying he would use nuclear weapons against US citizens? Because it certainly sounds that way and it is concerning to hear. Any president making that suggestion sounds like a radical more than a leader of a free nation.

This is nothing more than the radical left’s latest attempt to redefine something. They have attempted to redefine marriage in the name of LGBTQ rights. They have redefined abortion as women’s healthcare. They want to redefine equality as violence and discrimination by minorities on anyone they wish. Now, they want to redefine the Second Amendment as gun control, rather than gun freedom.

No one believes that Americans owning AR-15 style semi-automatic firearms makes them on level playing ground with the US military. The military has powerful weapons and we are fortunate to have them protecting us. Americans owning these firearms gives political regimes, like the Biden regime, pause in attempting to force their rule on Americans. In other words, it buys us time that we can hopefully educate the uninformed and gullible to see that this is just another Democrat ploy to continue the destruction of our nation.

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