Americans should not fear their congressional representatives


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One congressional representative said that he actually contemplated and thought about shooting Americans this week. While Adam Kinzinger may be a Republican in title, he is anything but a Republican in action. He made the comments during an interview with Rolling Stone.

Kinzinger was talking about the events of January 6 when he made the statement that he spent 6 hours in his office “hunkered down.” He said that he was contemplating shooting Americans during that time, and that’s a problem.

Americans should not live in fear of their congressional representatives. There is absolutely no reason that an American should have to worry about being shot or killed by their own government. But it’s sad because we actually have to think that way now.

Our government is responsible for the deaths of people in Benghazi, Afghanistan, and even Ashley Babbit in the Capitol on January 6. To be honest, the Democrats and fake Republicans like Kinzinger are responsible. They have created a situation where Americans have to be concerned their government is out to kill them.

If you are not willing to accept their absolute rule, accept what the Democrats are willing to give you, and tolerate their tyranny, then they just want to eliminate you from society. They have no issue putting up a fence to keep you out, or shooting you.

The American government is by the people and for the people. It seems that this group in Congress needs that reminder from the American people.

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