Where is Christ among Challenges


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On March 10, 1943, under the orders of Adolf Eichmann, one of Hitler's architects of the Final Solution to the Jewish Question, railcars began rolling into the country of Belarus. The purpose? To transport all of the Jews of Bulgaria to the Death Camps of Treblinka located in German Occupied Poland. Bulgarian police began to round up Jews - going door-to-door as early as 3 in the morning. They were taken at gunpoint. Jewish collection centers were located in schools and other community centers. There was one problem, though - The Bulgarian People.

You see, when the train cars began to arrive, the Bulgarian people united to save the Jews of their country. Although they did not know the Bulgarian Jews' final destination was to the death camps and gas chambers, some rumors had circulated the cities and towns. The Bulgarian Church led the opposition to the deportation of the Bulgarian Jews. If the Church allowed the Jews to be deported, they would have violated their obligations, the Rev. Boris Halapia stated. The word, WE MUST HELP. The whole Orthodox Church of Bulgaria came together - and sent a letter to the King, begging mercy for the Jews of the country. The Church also told the Chief of Police that they would not accept the mandate to deport the Jews from the country and would do anything possible to hinder the deportation efforts. Church followers began to arrive at the centers, and they told the frightened Jews that they would not let anything happen to them. Crowds protested across the country; the Church printed thousands of forged Baptismal certificates for Jews, risking their own lives. The falsification of faith - saved lives!

It would take several months before Jews would return from hiding to their homes - much to the dismay of the Nazis. Hitler was furious. In a meeting with King Boris, he demanded the deportation of the Jews - Hitler went into a rage, King Boris recalled. Screaming; and going into a tirade, King Boris described - but Boris didn't surrender, not one inch. Boris told Hitler that Bulgaria needed the Jews for labor projects. Hitler did not believe the King, but he didn't want to lose an ally. He finally bought what Boris was selling and agreed, but only if all the Jewish men were relocated from the cities to labor camps. Some 20,000 Jews were indeed moved from the cities to the countryside - but not one of them outside the borders of Bulgaria. The deportation of the Jews of Bulgaria never took place. As a result, Bulgaria was the only country in Eastern Europe whose Jewish population remained the same throughout the Holocaust. It was known as The Miracle of the Jewish People Among the Jews of Bulgaria. This miracle was never made public immediately following World War II because the Soviet Government suppressed it - sound familiar? And Why? Because Communist Soviet Regime didn't want the credit of the rescue of these Jews given to a monarchy and The Church - both of which are enemies of The Soviet Union and communism. It would take the fall of The Iron Curtain in 1989 for this to finally become known. Folks, why do I tell this story? Is it because I am indeed a history nerd? Perhaps. But more to the point, I want to share that people can do many things when they come together for a common purpose. We are those people. As conservatives and challengers to our country's communistic push and pull, we are charged to protect what so many before us died to preserve. Granted, we are not coming together to save a race or population from mass murder and extinction. Instead, we are here to preserve the American way of life - that has been being attacked from within our borders. We now live in a society where we allow hundreds and thousands of tyrants in Washington DC to tell us how they think, believe, and parent. We sit back and buy into a system that government, not God, knows best.

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