E54: [Legal Series] Archana Balasubramanian (Founding Partner, Agama Law Associates)


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Archana Balasubramanian is the founding partner of Agama Law Associates (ALA). She has versatile experience of over one decade where she has developed profound legal skills and acumen. She started her career under Senior Counsel Mr S. Venkiteswaran. She subsequently worked with Udwadia & Udeshi (now Argus Partners) and AZB & Partners prior to founding ALA.

She has a tactical transactional understanding as well as significant industry expertise across diverse sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, media, pharmaceuticals, financial services, shipping, real estate, technology, engineering, infrastructure and health.

In this episode we will cover:

1, Archana’s background

2. What constitutes a dispute?

3. Conflicts within founding team

4. When should founders get in touch with attorneys wrt conflicts

5. Does success paper over the underlying cracks?

6. Mediating between various parties

7. Financial fraud

8. Advice to founders who have been introduced by 3rd parties on potential and future conflicts

9. Conflicts and disputes regarding intellectual property (IP)

10. Can an agreement written on a piece of paper hold up in the court of law?

11. Legal jurisdiction when companies move HQ

12. Conflicts wrt to copyrights

13. When should founders get their VCs invovled

14. Disputes when it comes to sale of a company

15. Conflicts between board members

16. Conflicts with vendors and third parties

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