E60: Shashank Khade (Director & Chief Equity Advisor, Entrust Family Office)


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Shashank Khade is the Equity specialist of Entrust with over 20 years of cumulative professional experience in listed and unlisted equity investment management. Till September 2013, Shashank was the Senior Vice-President and Head of Portfolio Management Services division of Kotak Mutual Fund. His stint with Kotak entities including Kotak Securities and Kotak Asset Management Company was over 11 years. He headed the Portfolio Management services business since 2006 and was managing over INR 2000 Cr across various portfolio management schemes. He was part of the team conceptualizing some of the best performing PMS schemes like the Fortune Series while at Kotak. Prior to Kotak Securities, Shashank Khade worked with Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited’s private equity arm IL&FS Investment Managers Ltd (then IL&FS Venture Corporation) for 5 years.

Shashank’s passion in equity as an asset class is known by his in-depth knowledge of Indian companies across sectors and market caps. Given his past experience, he is equipped to understand and evaluate both un-listed and listed equity opportunities.

Shashank Khade has a Bachelors’ degree in Mechanical Engineering (B.E. Mechanical) from Sardar Patel College, Mumbai and a Masters in Management Studies (Finance) from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS).

In this episode, we will cover:

1. Looking back at the year that was 2021 (4:32)

2. In spite of the economic slow down, the Indian tech industry and stock market has performed beyond expectations. What does Shashank think about the current market dynamics and its appetite? (9:54)

3. Thoughts on rising valuation in India today and how do we justify it from an LP point of view? (18:18)

4. How do we sustain the growth in the ecosystem from a funding pov? (28:52)

5. How do family offices asses risk with respect to venture capital? (36:32)

6. What type of funds should first time family offices be evaluating and how do you do so? (44:57)

7 . Vintage funds or emerging small-sized funds –– Where does the interest lie when it comes to family offices investments? (50:52)?

8. How do family offices evaluate funds? (55:38)

9. Advice to fund managers building their funds (1:08:43)

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