E71: Swati Khanna (VP of Human Capital, Sequoia India)


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Swati Khanna is the VP of Human Capital at Sequoia India where she plays a vital role in supporting portfolio startups in attracting and retaining top talent required to build the country’s next big unicorns. Prior to joining Sequoia, Swati founded Meyrahkee, a talent advisory firm focussed on helping companies with talent solutions, and spent four years at Accel as a Talent Partner, helping Accel’s portfolio companies from inception through the growth stage. Swati has a solid reputation for being a top talent recruiter and was recognized as one of India’s Top 40 Social Recruiters in 2017.

In this episode, we will cover:

1. Human capital in the context of the venture

2. Thinking about talent acquisition at various growth cycles of a startup

3. State of the industry right now with respect to talent acquisition

4. How should founders position themselves and their startups to attract the best talent

5. How to develop culture within a startup

6. How does Sequoia help young founders attract top talent

7. Talent management

8. Addressing diversity in today’s climate

9. What is the day to day of a VP of a Human capital

10. Advice to fund managers who are building out or looking to build human capital

11. How does Sequoia look at human capital with a 5-year lens

12. Productizing human capital

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