A deep dive into the future of ophthalmology


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This is the latest episode of the free DDW podcast, “A deep dive into the future of ophthalmology”. It covers two articles written for Volume 23, Issue 1 – Winter 2021/22 of DDW. They are called “Innovation, investment and commitment: Genentech’s approach to the future of ophthalmology” and “Innovative delivery of sustained ophthalmic steroids for high unmet needs in diabetic macular edema”.

Jeff Willis, MD, PhD is a Senior Medical Director and retina specialist at Genentech. In the first article, he talks to Lu Rahman about some of the company’s work developing medicine for eye disease and offers insight into the ophthalmology field today.

In the second article, Professor Sobha Sivaprasad, Professor of Retinal Clinical Studies, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, and Consultant Ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital, UK discusses unmet needs in DME therapeutics and how they could be addressed by sustained release ophthalmic steroids administered with novel suprachoroidal drug delivery methods.

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