How to accelerate mouse model generation without reducing quality


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The latest DDW Sitting Down With sponsored podcast features Dominque Bröhl and Evert-Jan Uringa, Scientific Program Managers at Taconic Biosciences who discuss how mouse model generation can be accelerated without any loss of quality.

The generation of genetically engineered custom mouse models can be a lengthy process that conflicts with the general time constraints of the drug discovery and development industry. Finding ways to shorten the time to create new mouse models is tempting but carries the risk of trading short timelines for poor quality.

Taconic Biosciences developed the ExpressMODEL® portfolio of products to achieve the industry’s fastest timelines to study cohort without compromising quality, whether embryonic stem cell (ESC), CRISPR, or random integration transgenic (RITg) methodology is used to generate a mouse model.

Listen in to learn how ExpressMODEL® accelerates timelines and which benefits it brings to your drug discovery and development program.

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