How to Nourish Your Soul and Venture for Good with Diana Tsai, Co-founder and CEO of TigerStyle Coffee


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Hear from Diana Tsai, a strong believer that ventures are a force for good. Diana has built multiple social ventures and served humanity since the age of 19, when she was still receiving education from Georgetown University. She is currently co-founder and CEO of tigerstyle, a coffee company that emphasises on cultivating mindfulness with ancient Chinese herbs. As part of her pursuit of polyventuring, she is also co-founder and Chief Impact Officer of twine, a networking platform that sparks powerful conversations at virtual events, as well as chief editor of spiral, a new ethical banking service that’s making charitable giving easier. Previously, she co-founded and was CEO of Veterati, a digital mentoring platform that facilitates mentoring conversations between successful professionals and unemployed Veterans. In this episode, Ali and Weilyn speak with Diana about how she embraces her values on her entrepre女erial journey.

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