How to Redefine Entrepreneurship with Barbara Ex, CEO and Founder of WhiteSpace


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Hear from Barbara Ex, the Founder and CEO of WhiteSpace, a fast-growing start-up that operates professional meeting space on demand for regular business events. Since launching WhiteSpace 3 years ago, Barbara led the company in creating a new category of real estate operations, scaling up, growing out of Covid, and now partnering with global commercial real estate companies to build an Asia-wide brand. Before moving to the start-up world, Barbara served as Executive Director of Business Transformation at Lenovo in Beijing. In the 1990s, she was a Principle Consultant at IBM, where she pioneered B2B e-business models in the manufacturing industries. Barbara holds an MBA from London Business School and both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Chemical Engineering from MIT. Ali and Weilyn speak with Barbara about changing the definition of entrepreneurship and her experience managing a start-up in a foreign environment.

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