311: Top 5 Oils for Your Spiritual Practice w/ Mallory Leone


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Have you ever gone to pick up an oil just because your gut told you to? You’re not sure why that oil is calling to you, but it just feels right? That’s your intuition, and I’m recommending we all start to trust it way more! The next time you’re feeling drawn to an oil, commit to using it, then look that oil up. I bet you more often than not that the description of that oil and its common uses and purpose are exactly what you needed in that moment. Our guest this week, Mallory Leone explains how useful our oils can be for bridging that gap between the Spirit World and the Earth World, and it often starts with intuition. This week we do a deep dive into Mallory’s 5 favorite oils: Blue Tansy, Lemon/Lime, Rosemary, Rose, and Peppermint. We dig up some real gold!

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