Farming on the frontline: Russia-Ukraine war - its impact on UK feed, fuel and fertiliser prices, commodity markets, & emergency aid shipments organised by British farmers


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This episode examines the impact of the war in Ukraine – both on farmers caught up in the conflict and on farmers in the UK.
We look at the effect that war is having on supplies and prices of grain and animal feed – as well as the cost and availability of farm inputs like fuel and fertiliser.
The AHDB fertiliser calculator mentioned in this episode can help UK growers decide how much nitrogen it is worth applying to cereals and oilseeds.
The UK farmers in this podcast who are organising aid to send to Ukraine can be contacted via Twitter at @ukrainefood.
The Polish Humanitarian Action fund, which is also mentioned in this podcast, is working to help Ukrainian refugees arriving in Poland.
The following organisations and initiatives may also be useful for listeners wanting to donate to aid efforts to help Ukrainian refugees:

This episode of the Farmers Weekly Podcast is co-hosted by Johann Tasker and Surrey farmer Hugh Broom with Farmers Weekly arable correspondent Louise Impey.

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