Record-breaking early start to harvest 2022, combine harvester shortage, Net Zero progress report, agri-food inflation, bird flu study, & dairy farmer starts OnlyFans TV channel


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In this episode, it's a record-breaking early start to harvest – with some UK farmers reporting decent yields from winter malting barley crops.
But supply chain issues mean other growers are still waiting to take delivery of new combine harvesters. Will they arrive in time?
The UK's climate change watchdog says agriculture is making 'glacial' progress towards Net Zero targets. But who is to blame? Farmers or the government?
On the markets, we look at the impact of rising inflation on the food shop.
It's the UK's worst bird flu season so far – we speak to the scientists embarking on a new research drive to tackle the virus.
And we meet the Channel Island dairy farmer who has started her own Only Fans website channel – to get the farming message across.
This episode is co-hosted by Farmers Weekly Podcast editor Johann Tasker and Surrey farmer Hugh Broom.
Additional reporting by Phil Case and Lizzie McLaughlin.

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