How to brace your money for 2021 (#233)


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2020 gave us all a new appreciation for the humble emergency fund. In this episode of The Fat Wallet Show we think about some steps you can take to prepare your money for the year ahead.

Win of the week: Celma

I turned 55 and had to visit my bank (Nedbank) a few months later.

I asked them if there is any reduction in bank fees when you turn 55 and to my surprise my bank fees got waived provided I make a R10 000 deposit. I only get 2.5% on the deposit, but save about R300 in monthly bank fees. The facility is probably available to everybody but seems like you must ask about it - it is not as though they tell you or advertise it.


I've been listening to you guys like a fiend for the past 3 months and I have managed to follow your instructions of having insurance, reducing living expenses etc. Now I'm at that stage of forming my retirement strategy. Annnnnddd I'm pretty much having a bit of a breakdown as to whether I'm going in the right direction.

So I'm 28 and working in South Korea. I've never had any debt, I don't pay rent, car, I have no kids or financial dependents. This allows me to save about 54% of my pay, which is split between my RA 16% and about 4% Unit trust (which I top up with my annual bonus) both with 10X .

Then 30% in a ZAR Easy Equities monthly (I just opened my TFSA which I will max out on the 1st of March as I have already saved the R36K). Ohhh I have saved 3 months salary as an emergency fund.

Should I keep the UT as a means of saving a year's worth of salary for when I am old and wrinkled and the medical costs are eye wateringly high or to supplement my income when the market falls apart. Orrrrr should I just leave that and go beast mode into EasyEquities and the RA.

I also wanted to know if I should push to save up to a 6 months salary even if it takes me more than a year? And put it into a money market or savings account cause the prospect of going back to being unemployed for a long period of time scares me to death!

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