Fox News Rundown Extra: Dr. Scott Gottlieb On The Mistakes Made During Coronavirus Pandemic


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This week, Pfizer announced that a lower dose for its COVID vaccine is safe and effective for children ages 5-11. The company says it will seek FDA approval. Earlier this week, host Jessica Rosenthal spoke with former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb who weighed in on children under the age of 12 being eligible for the vaccine and the FDA's recent decision regarding booster shots. Dr. Gottlieb also talked about his new book "Uncontrolled Spread."

The conversation was too long and we could not include everything from the original conversation with Dr. Gottlieb. On today's Fox News Rundown Extra you'll hear more about his new book, that includes criticism of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and why he thinks they were not the right agency to fully rely on to handle this pandemic. He explains some of the mistake the CDC made throughout the pandemic including their failure to deploy a diagnostic test at scale in the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. He also explains how the CDC's 6-feet requirement guidance was the single most costly recommendation in the entire pandemic. Plus, he shares how we can avoid these mistakes in the future.

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