From Washington: Democrats & Their Fast-Approaching Deadlines


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The Senate finds themselves divided ahead of next week’s vote to raise the debt ceiling and keep the government funded. The bill would suspend the limit on government borrowing through December 2022 and prevent a government shutdown. Republicans are opposing the bill, saying Democrats should raise the debt limit on their own through budget reconciliation. FOX Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram breaks down the decisions Congress is currently facing.

For the first time since taking office, President Biden addressed the United Nations General Assembly. Tensions are rising between the United States and France, as it is believed that the U.S. French Alliance may be in jeopardy. Jared is joined by FOX Business Network's Chief National Correspondent Connell McShane who covered the summit. Later, FOX News Contributors & former State Department Spokespersons during the Obama and Trump administrations respectively, Marie Harf and Morgan Ortagus, weigh in on UN week.

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