Introducing Don Via Jr. - Exposing Media Patterns, Domestic Terrorism and Gun Control


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On our latest podcast we take a moment to introduce our newest team member, Don Via Jr. of 'Break The Matrix'. We also talk about divide and conquer tactics, diversifying social media platforms, Alex Jones, big tech censorship, the media's distortion of reality, media narrative patterns, a history of propaganda, bread and circus and social engineering, why local media outlets aren't always trustworthy, Facebook double standards, Colorado gun laws, Asian hate, gun control, the withdraw from the Afghanistan war, the left's disingenuous straw-man narratives, "home grown" domestic terrorism, government terrorism, how "just doing my job" isn't a legitimate excuse, modern day police and the constitution, good cops vs bad cops, institutions vs individuals, government monopolies, the economics of taxation, and political prisoner Joshua Martinez. Follow Break The Matrix On Facebook: Check Out Legal Shield (mentioned at the end of the show): Write and donate to Josh:

Joshua Martinez ID# 2601698 CCDC 330 S. Casino Blvd Las Vegas NV, 89101 Donations for Josh Martinez defense funds and bail: Free Joshua Martinez Zelle: Cash App: $FreeJoshMartinez PayPal: @fmart702 Josh's Full Story:

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