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Over the past few years, the ONLINE COACHING industry has welcomed thousands of new recruits as new entrepreneurs seek the holy grail: to achieve passive income in their lifetime, from the comfort of their own couch. We are witnessing a GLOBAL PHENOMENON in the making, as entrepreneurs find ways to increase their income, increase their impact, and become some of the highest earning self-made magnates in the world. This is the podcast for online coaches, consultants, authors and solopreneurs seeking to study the highly successful online entrepreneurs who created their million-dollar online business with no money, no hope it would ever work, and no guarantees. Listen to the highest earning online coaches in the world while learning about their strategies, mindset tricks, and calls to action for YOU to step up and achieve your full potential. Online marketing strategy, business models and online presence methodologies will be dissected for you to take advantage of them EVEN if you are just starting out. Publish schedule: 📅 Mondays: interviews with your favorite online coaches 📅 Thursdays: a class on running, marketing and living in your online business Follow and Participate! 👉 Watch the YouTube version of the episodes at 👉 Submit your TIP OF THE DAY at 👉 Follow Ina at

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