Gnar Couch Podcast 55 Part I: We Have a Consultant, Hogging, Bad Kid Cheef


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The boys realize they're at the tipping point when a consultant joins the Patreon to pay to help them be better podcasters. Cheef tells a story about the time his dad had to come to a parent-teacher conference after throwing his history book out of the window in second grade. Hogging--the practice of purposely banging fat chicks--is discussed, with Boston Rob going into deep details about his experience with a larger girl. The Gnards respond to an Instagram question about Boston Rob dropping his Jewniform pants. The boys give away a Gnar Couch t-shirt with a mini-horse impression contest. The Gnarcast loses its internet feed and the Gnards roast the cast. Join our Patreon for extra content, discount codes, special Gnard-only online games, and more!

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