58. Income blind spots only few see


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What if the ONE thing you need to make a break-through is lying there waiting in a blind spot?

And what if the difference between getting big, meaningful results, and hustling to no end, for you, is really just in:

  1. Finding Income Blind Spots few people know or see.
  2. Avoiding getting sidetracked because of these blind spots. And,
  3. Turning them into Growth Shifts that can create massive results?

In today’s episode of Growth Amplifiers, we’ll unpack:

  • How to 2x or even 3x the speed of achieving your goals.
  • How to avoid getting disappointing results and having to say “I did NOT see that coming”.
  • How to become your only competition -- with things and skills you already have.
  • What I learned after a close call when I first started to drive.
  • Why growing your weakness is not always your best route.

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