Full story on barefoot in Vegas, creating opportunities in 2021 finally explained, and why it’s not too late to STILL succeed in 2020


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Growth Solvers, I’m doing it. In the last BONUS episode #44, I touched on how I walked barefoot in Las Vegas. Today, I’ll share with you the full story. In this episode, you’ll get to find out:

  1. The behind-the-scenes of walking barefoot in Vegas
  2. What it taught me about creating a wealth of opportunities
  3. The challenge that can help you finish the year strong


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Today, you'll get to hear about:

4:01 The time I went on a business trip and hung out in my hotel room.

5:20 The time a well-known leader texted me on my personal phone.

6:15 The life-changing message that I didn’t expect to get.

7:20 The decision-making process that opened a wealth of opportunities.

8:00 What feeling like something is extremely out of reach will do if you believe it.

9:00 What I bring in my carry-on on work trips.

10:31 Why I took off my shoes and walked across Las Vegas.

11:05 How top performers throw a get-together.

12:35 Why I followed someone through the backside of a restaurant and ended up in a private insider gathering.

15:51 The opportunity that wouldn’t have come if I hadn’t had the courage to do the right thing.

17:55 What Russell Conwell meant by the concept of Acres of Diamonds and what it meant for you when you’re trying to create opportunities.

18:50 What we often forget about our situation and how we can turn weakness into strength.

19:41 How you can skyrocket your impact with what you have.

20:05 Why looking for opportunities is not enough, and why regeneration is important.

20:58 Why getting a mentor is so difficult and what to do about it.

22:23 Why the old networking way is not the best way to start getting big leaps.

23:35 The massively overrated advice about getting ahead that you should avoid.

24:50 What 2020 had done and how you can STILL own the year before it owns you.

25:35 The unspoken mindset that people overlook on their way to living courageously at work, in business, and in life.

26:34 The Good Grow Great podcast’s behind the scenes plan for the next few months.

27:35 What 2021 has in store for the Good Grow Great podcast and what you’ll get.

27:56 The 60-days of Growth challenge you won’t want to miss.

28:41 The resources that you can get so that your business runs for you.

29:07 How to find out the ways so that you don’t have to explain all the time to other people why they need you.

30:41 How NOT to get left behind while everyone around you becomes an overnight success.

31:25 How you can join the 60-day Grow Challenge.

33:35 How you can start planning for survival and thriving in 2021.


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