How to get to $2 million in revenue organically, do things on your own terms, and stay sane doing what you love


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Recently, I was given the opportunity to traverse through some river rapids. Before outdoor adventure became one of my favorite things to do, I thought there’s only ONE way to do it. As in, if you’re in the water, it’s just plain dangerous.

I had NO idea that there were levels of danger, and the corresponding skill sets you must have. It’s like the difference between cooking at home and cooking professionally.

There are a lot of in-between areas that few will explain to you.

Over the years, I’ve found that this is totally true if you want to earn more as well. There are a lot of people who give you what I call “front-door” advice. But not a lot of people will share with you the side-doors, the alternate routes, or hidden yet meaningful ways you can get to the same destination and beyond.

Which is why when it comes to passive income, it can get overwhelming to figure out how you can get beyond just your first year of making your idea a reality, particularly if the stuff you see out there just isn’t working for you.

Today's episode will focus on the side of side income that people often neglect, but shouldn't.

We will draw from multiple people's experiences. At the end of the episode, you'll learn a bunch of things, including:

  • How to get to $2M in revenue by standing up for what you believe in.
  • How to organically persuade people in your life to help you get what you want.
  • Why starting the bar high is not always not the best way to start anything.
  • Why you can still be miserable even if you get paid well.


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Today's guests, we have:

Brandy Lawson is a consultant who started her journey as a business major who, took a C++ computer programming class. After working in corporate America for 14 years, including in software companies, she finally took the leap and created Fiery FX, where she helped people with digital marketing channels. Brandy will talk about the value of making time for and prioritizing yourself. PLUS:

  • 5:15 How to productively start creating a side income if you’re working from home.
  • 6:14 Why carving out space for yourself and getting multiple pieces together helps.
  • 7:10 Why trial and errors are necessary in getting rid of distractions and finally getting things done.
  • 7:35 What ultimately kills your chances of getting things done and start your side income.
  • 8:35 How to persuade people in your life to help you get what you want.

Jeanie Chang is the National Director of Self-Care and Wellness by National Association of Asian American Professionals. She started her career in journalism with the Associated Press, and she’s a mental health specialist for student organizations for Duke University and UNC among a few. Here, Jeanie Chang shares why getting paid well can STILL make you miserable and the lessons she's learned working with Associated Press, and:

  • 11: 02 How to convince others, including your family, about a new career or path you want to take.
  • 11:57 How you can still be miserable even if you get paid well and why it’s important to prioritize relationships, including with yourself.
  • 13:23 Why sometimes it takes multiple attempts, degrees, and paths to finally figure out what you wanted to do.
  • 14:10 Ways that your previous experiences and challenges can make your new path, new business, and side hustle stand out.
  • 15:10 Why age shouldn’t be used as an excuse to not move forward.

Rhonda Smith is an award-winning psychotherapist, a graduate of the University of Southern California with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. She also holds a Masters of Social Welfare degree. Her advice has been featured in Oprah, Martha Stewart Weddings, US Weekly Magazine, BravoTV, Ebony Magazine, Teen Vogue and Glamour Magazine. Rhonda talks the value of understanding your own biological clock and what works for you on a daily basis so that you can do things on your own terms. Also, don't miss:

  • 17:00 How to juggle pandemic parenting and deal with zoom fatigue.
  • 19:02 How to take time away from technology and lean on quiet time.
  • 19:20 Ways that stopping what you’re doing can actually level up your performance.
  • 20:30 Why you tend to neglect habits that you know are good for you.
  • 22:12 Why starting the bar high is not always not the best way to start anything.

Tyler King is the CEO of Less Annoying CRM. He founded his company with his brother and funded the startup entirely by themselves. They chose not to work with investors specifically so that they don’t have to make short-sighted decisions you often see in Wall Street. Tyler King chats about why sticking to what you believe in and saying no to what traditionally would be ‘home-run’ can be the best decision you’ll ever make, and:

  • 24:05: Why it’s important to first figure out what’s important or you rather than the profit.
  • 24:40: How to bootstrap and get your side income to be fully successful.
  • 25:30 Why scaling as fast as possible isn’t always the best way to create a side income.
  • 26:53 The unusual path to get $2+ Million revenue in your business.


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