52. Jumping off a waterfall: Everything you need to plan for 2021


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If you see someone jumping off a waterfall for fun, and they survived it, would you do it, too?

Here’s where my friends and I are different. A lot of them LOVE ... just love things like this. Things like roller coaster rides. You see, every single time I go up a ride like that, I lose all senses below my chest. It’s like the only thing I can feel is my heart pounding. My heart, which at that point is almost like a disgruntled road rage that stares at me in the face, rolling its eyes behind its head and going, ‘Um, really?’

This was exactly how I felt when I was at the edge of a 40’ waterfall somewhere in Hawaii some time ago.

A few dare devils had already jumped ahead of me and I just went, “This is WAY too high!” If you want to hear the full story, I talked about this this week.

What’s weird, though, is that I didn’t plan any of this at all! I went on this trip to just sit down, chill and yet ... this was what ended up happening.

And this keeps happening not even just on trips like these. Certain days totally just turned you upside down. You’d be doing your thing, and then maybe sometime in the afternoon, something happens. People got laid off, a project went sideways, an unexpected message popped into your inbox, etc.

Then when we finally had the chance to take a breather and sit down, we’re sitting there scratching our head going, “What was that all about?”

If you really think about it, this happens on a larger scale, too. I mean, this year totally screwed most of the world in the worst possible way. Even just 10 months ago, none of us had ANY idea of the scale of detour that we were all about to take.

Months of uncertainties later, we’re sitting here looking at each other thinking ... So what now?

How can we possibly go into 2021 with full force, AFTER knowing how badly things can really turn? And can we even look at planning our year—and everything we knew about making New Year's Resolutions (which never really work anyway)—the same exact way we’ve been doing it our entire life?

For me, there are at least several steps that you can take to make sure that the next year doesn’t royally repeat itself, catching us by surprise ... again!

I broke down everything you need to know about this topic this week on the podcast, including:

  • The ONE thing you didn’t know you need to have in your planning (20:59).
  • The playbook for 360-days worth of achievements you won’t regret (24:25).
  • Creating (and reaching) record-breaking milestones without losing yourself (27:10) while gaining meaningful momentum.
  • How to pre-learn anything, fast, before you ever need it (31:01).

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