177: Liver Detox - Skin Rash Connection, Part 1


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I’m often asked so many questions about liver detoxification.

You can find so many different people promoting liver detoxes as “the way” to help rashes.

My approach (as you probably know) differs greatly. Partly due to my own personal experience living with hand eczema and also from working directly with clients.

I generally do not ever recommend liver detoxes or cleanses.

And for some who have a histamine problem or have allergies to pollen — I recommend you steer clear!

In this episode, I’m going to break down the different phases of liver detoxification so that you can understand my perspective.

Yes, it’s complicated and I have tried not to get too nerdy on this (because biochemistry can be confusing).

Join me as we dive headfirst into the liver detox-skin rash connection!

In this episode:
  • 3 phases of liver detoxification
  • Distinct role of each phase of liver detox
  • How nutrients play a role in liver detoxification
  • Problem with using herbs to “detox your liver”
  • Ways that your liver detox system can become overwhelmed

Phase 2 detox handles the burden from Phase 1 AND everything that doesn’t need to go through Phase 1.

Liver detoxes that include herbs generally speed up Phase 1 detox resulting in a lot of more toxic byproducts.

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