Bill Bartee: Growing up seeing rocket launches at NASA, Silicon valley in the 80's, How and why he co-founded Southern Cross, Blackbird & Main Sequence Ventures


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Welcome to episode #80 w Bill Bartee! Here are 5 key takeaways you will learn from this episode:

1. How growing up near a NASA facility started Bill's love for science, tech and engineering

2. Reflections on working in Silicon Valley in the 80's seeing the early technology evolution

3. What he learnt from his most painful learning and why one advice has stuck the most

4. The 5 hall of fame Australian VC's Bill would love to be in a room with

5. Why is deep tech innovation different and how does talent equate in Australia vs the USA

Please enjoy!



03:03 - Growing up seeing rocket launches

03:40 - Papers, washing cars and labourer

04:24 - Double nobel prize winner in Physics and Chemistry

06:12 - Economically poor, intellectually rich

08:01 - Aspirations to be an astronaut

09:48 - Building information sources in the 1960/70’s

11:07 - 25 year love for Australia

12:45 - Working across the spectrum: large, medium and early companies

15:13 - Evolution in rate of learning

17:54 - what makes people succeed

21:08 - 99% of learnings coming from failing

23:36 - Not judging a book by it’s cover

26:39 - Applying mathematics love to startup investing

30:32 - Venture Capital today vs the early 2000’s

35:02 - Co-founding 3 x VC firms

38:12 - top 5 hall of fame investors

41:10 - founders from 2000’s that impressed the most

43:47 - metrics in sass vs deep tech

48:23 - How do investors help deep tech founders?

50:54 - Most challenging mental models

52:43 - Talent equation in deep tech: Australia vs USA

54:26 - final sprint

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