Golden Opportunity In The Historically-Gold Rich State Of Montana! Winston Gold Corp's Major Share Holder Joe Carrabba Unearth's Their Most Recent Findings


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MBA Geologist and Gold Mining Entrepreneur w/ Winston Gold Corp (SE: WGC/OTCQB: WGMCF). Joe has over 40 years in the precious metals sector and he's worked with and alongside the major players and companies. He left the C-Suite recently to take on more of an entrepreneurial line of work with Winston Gold Corp on the Winston Gold Project just outside of the historically gold-rich area Helena, Montana.

They're unearthing more and more gold and silver by the day and have just partnered with neighboring miner's "hard cash"property in efforts to expand their current operations. They're picking up where the 1800's left off with better tech, equipment, and experience to dig into the source of older loose/free gold found over a century ago!

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