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…you’ll learn that one of the major life upgrades you can make includes your relationships.

Personal development expert Gary John Bishop doesn’t buy into mainstream notions of what makes a happy relationship. Not 50/50 effort, not compromise, not molding yourself into what your partner wants. It’s just you and some hard truths.

What this episode is not about;

  • Blame or providing communication tips
  • How to change or cope with your partner and personality types
  • Healing past trauma or understanding fear of commitment

Instead, you’ll get the ingredients to creating a real, lasting and profound connection with another human being.

“There's some, again, cold truths that you have to face and then really have to start to take on,” he says, “but in a way that it's not always going to go your way. You're not always going to get this thing flowing the way you would want it to go, but your job is to keep bringing yourself to this phenomenon in a way that's consistent with you, who you are, what you're about. And powerfully managing all that you might do to undermine it.”

Gary, the New York Times bestselling author of the Unfu*k book series, uses an “urban philosophy” approach that’s both simple and enlightening. In his latest book, “LOVE UNFU*kED Getting Your Relationship Sh!t Together,” he puts the focus on relationships. “The quality of your relationships dictates the quality of your life,” he says in “LOVE UNFU*kED.”

This conversation gets right to the heart of what you can do to make changes that stick in all areas of your life.

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