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… you’re going to learn about the engineering it takes to build a health data app. You’ll find out how data science, mathematics and predictive analysis look at how biomarkers impact overall wellness. At Base, your own data, along with deep expertise from an advisory board of functional medicine doctors, inform the algorithms. This means you get a distinctly personalized prescription on how to manage your health concerns.

Guest Lola Priego, founder and CEO of Base, is an experienced software engineer and former medical student on a mission to help people better understand what is going on in their bodies. She possesses a unique combination of skills to do just that.

She studied medicine before transferring to engineering at the Technical University of Madrid and earned a master’s degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

While struggling with her own health problems, she identified major pain points in the healthcare system like lack of access to personalized health data. She created Base to solve this issue with a data-driven approach that also provides actionable diet and lifestyle recommendations. Base gets to the root cause of health concerns through analyzing biodata like hormones, nutrition, and vitamin deficiencies to get to the core of why you feel “off.”

Base provides testing options that usually are not available at a primary care doctor’s office (they’re often only offered by specialists). Convenience is built into the lab testing process. Base’s blood and saliva tests gets to the root of issues like stress, anxiety, fatigue, and brain fog. Here’s what Base and its accompanying app offer you so you can take control of your own biology and make meaningful life changes:

  • Regular testing tells you what’s going on with your biology.
  • Your own data informs recommendations on how to improve your diet, stress, energy, sleep, and sex drive.
  • You can track your results over time, get help from a team of online experts, and set specific health goals.

Because it’s your own health data, there are privacy issues at play you have to know about. Lola explains that security and privacy are built-in design features at Base.

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