The Solution to Big Tech Censorship. Jeremy Kauffman & Keith Knight


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Por The Libertarian Institute - All Podcasts descoberto pelo Player FM e nossa comunidade - Os direitos autorais são de propriedade do editor, não do Player FM, e o áudio é transmitido diretamente de seus servidores. Toque no botão Assinar para acompanhar as atualizações no Player FM, ou copie a feed URL em outros aplicativos de podcast. There are only two relevant ideal types of social patterns: the pattern of voluntary contractual interrelation, and that of hegemonic, coercive interaction. A can interact with B, in other words, in either of two ways: by free gift or exchange — voluntarily — or by coercion. And these are all the relevant alternatives. Now, if a society is voluntarist and contractual, this freedom will develop the personality of each and permit that great growth of living standards that makes modern civilization possible, that raises us up from the caveman. If the society is markedly coercive, not only will it stunt each individual’s development, it will plunge humankind back to primitive living standards and not permit any maintenance of civilization. Murray N. Rothbard Strictly Confidential, p. 46 Jeremy Kauffman is the CEO of LBRY Keith Knight Don't Tread on Anyone - Odysee: Keith Knight Don't Tread on Anyone - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LBRY / Odysee: BitChute: Archive: Minds:

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