A Lion Tracker’s Inner Journey of Awakening & Inspiration w/ Boyd Varty #353


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I'm still tingling from my in-depth, heart-opening conversation with Boyd Varty, a true man-of-the-earth whose book, “The Lion Tracker's Guide to Life,” I ravaged through last week in eager anticipation of this recording.

Boyd Varty grew up on the verdant plains of a South African safari, within touching distance of the epic wildlife most of us only catch glimpses of on 2D screens. As a lion tracker, Boyd has studied the movements and mindset of the animal kingdom in a way I have never encountered before. He's articulately folded the truths from the bush into the human experience, using his background to explore trauma – both for himself and as a facilitator for others – in sacred ceremonies.

Medicine flows through this man, and this raw, meaty, wild ride of an episode is as enlightening as it is emotional.

10:38 — Childhood In the Bush

  • Growing up with the land
  • Working in harmony with nature
  • The safari that changed his life
  • The connection between tracking and trauma
  • Learning to listen to your inner-knowing

29:40 — Looking at Nature v.s Being of Nature

  • Why there is no separation of self from nature
  • Becoming more present in everyday life
  • The third language of feeling

39:05 — Communicating With the Wild

  • Tracking in action
  • Energetic interaction with lions
  • Talking with animals while tracking lions
  • The purpose of tracking

49:13 — How to Track Your Life

  • Working with the unknown
  • Dialing down and following cues
  • Losing track and persevering
  • Working with community
  • The feeling of “enoughness”
  • The awakening algorithm
  • Unseen heroism

1:12:10 — Exploring Trauma and Awakening

  • Kidnapping and near-death experience
  • A crocodile encounter and lessons learned
  • Creating shared presence through ceremony
  • The gifts expressed from trauma
  • Integrating 5-MeO-DMT

01:48:09 — Facilitating Ceremonies

  • Spontaneously facilitating during the first ceremony
  • Unlocking shadow and weakness
  • Mentorship with a Peruvian shaman for five years
  • Redefining the meaning of ceremony

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