Meditation and the Buddhist Solution to Anxiety & Spiritual Evolution W/ Lodro Rinzler #347


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Meditation has been a groundbreaking revelation that has anchored my being, diluted my neurosis, and helped me manifest tangible elements in the 3D: this podcast being one of them.

I’ve been a fan of Lodro Rinzler’s work in the meditation space since my stylist days, when I would seek sanctuary in his Mindful Meditation Studio in NYC, so it was a joy to connect over the mic and listen to him relay wisdom about the convoluted path to achieving higher consciousness.

He shares his first calling to meditate at the tender age of six, his experience as a meditation facilitator who is simultaneously committed to self-healing, and the spiritual destinations at which we can arrive when we commit to a consistent meditative practice.

For those more advanced in their awakening, we also discuss how not to get attached to spiritual breakthroughs and the realities of outgrowing a particular spiritual path or leader as we climb up the mountain to enlightenment.

08:55 — Spiritual Upbringing & Work

  • His recent move upstate
  • Pivoting a brick-and-mortar business onto an online platform
  • Early introduction to Buddhism and meditation
  • Considering incarnation

22:34 —Life Conditioning & Ego

  • Celebrating the wholeness we find in children
  • The stories of “not-enoughness”
  • Defining ego from the Buddhist perspective
  • Buddhism as realism

32:10 — Cultivating & Quantifying Mindfulness in Daily Life

  • Deconstructing the term “meditation practice”
  • The conscious and unconscious ways to manifest meditation
  • Marking progress and long-term visions for meditation
  • Recovery time from negative triggers

47:55 — Achieving Enlightenment in a Lifetime

  • His definition of enlightenment
  • From emptiness to gratefulness
  • Finding enlightenment from within

55:24 — Appreciating Consciousness Without Attachment

  • How “chasing” undermines your practice
  • Motivations for exploring consciousness
  • Meditation in tandem with therapy to process trauma
  • Managing expectations with meditation teachers
  • False ego identities around spirituality

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