Instant Replay: Ben Baller On Reinvention, Hip-Hop, and High-End Jewelry


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You know Ben Baller as the jeweler who has iced up the biggest names in hip-hop. But before that, he was a record executive listening to Jay-Z's first album before anybody else. The guy's got stories. Like how he was fired by Dr. Dre for speaking out against the bad contracts Dre was giving to his artists.
So Ben gets fired? So what. He's a master of reinvention. He sells his sneaker collection for millions and starts designing high-end jewelry. Now he's telling stories about making pieces for Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson.
In this episode of The Limits with Jay Williams, Ben tells Jay how he hustled his way to the top not just once, but over and over again. The way he tells it, a Korean-American kid can do anything he wants if he just goes out and grabs it.
Content warning: This episode contains explicit language only suitable for mature audiences.
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