Episode 6: Kenny Beecham & Mark Titus | “Welcome to the podcast world”


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It's a double-dose of entertainment this week, as the guys welcome in not one but two guests to the show: YouTube sensation, fellow podcaster, and the content king Kenny Beecham and then author, creator of Club Trillion, and Ohio State Buckeye Mark Titus. To kick things off, Kenny sits down and digs into several topics, including how he broke through the swarm of content creators to make his mark, becoming a voice in the basketball community, his new show “Called Game,” and the weaknesses in NBA 2K. Following that, the hilarious Mark Titus joins the show and let's it all hang out as he breaks down just how the "benchwarmer" narrative began for him, how he was discovered by Bill Simmons, his viral tweet about Duncan that took the media by storm, his hoop skills, and much more. It's a packed house this week, so take a seat and enjoy.


• On how it all began for him

• How hard was it to push through the moments when no one was listening

• Falling in love with content creation

• On keeping his mind focused on what he wanted to accomplish and pushing through the tough times

• Kenny explains his new show "Called Game"

• The crew breaks down NBA 2K and the inconsistencies that riddle the game and it's player rankings

• Are there players that Kenny likes watching but just don't translate into success in the game

• In what ways can the makers of the game improve these deficiencies

• What moment in his career had the biggest impact on his success


• On peaking in the 8th grade

• Upon arriving at OSU, did he ever have dreams of making it to the NBA?

• When his benchwarmer narrative started to take hold, did he struggle with being taken seriously

• If had arrived a few years later, would podcasting been a part of his story

• Tells the story of how Bill Simmons first reached out to him

• The guys address and break down the viral tweet that Mark sent out about Duncan

• Duncan describes the struggle with having humility, but needing to push that aside on the court

• Did Mark ever watch Duncan play and say to himself "I can be that guy".

• Mark explains the the values of Coldwater, Ohio

• What moment in his career does he think was pivotal to his success

• The UNDrafted

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