#68 Dr. Roy Taylor - Understanding & Reversing Type 2 Diabetes


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In this episode of The Muscle Memoirs Podcast, I am joined by Dr. Roy Taylor to discuss his research on type 2 diabetes remission, including the etiology of the disease, the personal fat threshold, and very-low-calorie diets.
Dr. Taylor is a professor of Medicine and Metabolism at Newcastle University and Honorary Consultant Physician at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He was visiting professor of medicine at Yale University (1990-91) where he acquired new MRI methods to look into the human body. On returning to the UK, he established the Newcastle MR Centre. He also developed the UK system for screening of diabetic eye disease and is the author of over 300 scientific papers.


00:00 Introduction
02:40 Defining diabetes remission
05:30 Twin cycle hypothesis
11:45 Counterpoint study
16:15 Personal fat threshold
23:25 Genetics of fat distribution
29:25 Maintaining remission: DiRECT and Counterbalance trials
33:40 Average weight loss to achieve remission
35:40 How does the duration of diabetes affect the likelihood of achieving remission?
41:00 Tolerance of very-low-calorie diets
47:10 Why is it assumed that very-low-diets will fail?
48:50 Potential benefits to using nutritionally adequate shakes
50:15 Advantages of losing weight rapidly
52:25 How to approach weight maintenance
56:10 How much weight can the average person regain and maintain remission?
57:30 The role of exercise.
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Website: https://www.ncl.ac.uk/research/impact/casestudies/diabetes/

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