Talk About Black: Diversity in Selection (with Justin Onuekwusi)


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Welcome to the New Fund Order. An Orwellian journey into the Darkside, the Frontier and the Fringe of Finance.
In our ever ending journey to tackle the tough topics in our industry, I talk to Justin Onuekwusi about his ‘I am’ campaign and ‘Talk about Black’.
We discuss why there is a lack of diversity, why there is not enough black representation in finance and asset management… and indeed fund selection. What are the industry biases, what are the structural barriers to progression, are monikers like ‘BAME’ helpful, what can fund selectors do to become allies?
Together with left-field opinion, global market news and latest views, direct from my dystopian bunker. In association with my sponsor Allianz Global Investors (AGI) one of the world's leading active managers.
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