Dropshipping Masterclass; From 0 to 1.9 Million Monthly Revenue With Jake Thoen (E-Comm Mini Series (1/3) | TNE068


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When was the last time you went on Google to search about potential ways you can make money online? Chances are, it’s pretty recent. And if you’ve been Googling online businesses, you’ve encountered the brilliant business model called dropshipping. This week, we are joined by Jake Thoen, who went from being a novice with nearly no money to earning seven figures every month after three years of relentless hustle.

This week’s episode is more like an encapsulation of what Jake Theon’s upcoming dropshipping course has to offer. In addition to this, Jake also goes into detail about the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey that’s sure to inspire those aspiring to be successful dropshippers. He also shares some incredibly valuable insights he picked up from personal experience. Jake’s story is absolutely amazing, filled with moments that’s sure to bring a smile to your face and ignite a fire of inspiration within you.


[4:00]Jake Thoen’s Humble Beginnings

[9:58]Jake Burning All The Ships

[24:06]What Makes A Good Product?

[27:40]How Key Metrics Can Help You Unlock A World of Possibility In Dropshipping

[33:00]Welcome To The Crazy World of Patents, Trademarks, And Copyright

[36:38]How To Create A Dropshipping Store
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