Scaling Your Brand With Funnels and Paid Traffic Systems With the Ecommerce King, Alex Fedotoff (E-Comm Mini Series (2/3) | TNE 069


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Are you satisfied with where you’re at in life or are you dreaming of doing and getting more out of life? If you identify with the latter, you’ll definitely appreciate the story of how our guest this week went from rags to riches. This week, we’re joined by Alex Fedotoff, who rose from the bottom to the very top thanks to his passion, hustle, and willingness to never stop learning. Alex went from being a factory worker earning $2 an hour in Poland to generating over $100 million in sales through his own ecommerce empire that he built from the ground up.

In this episode, Alex takes us on a walk through memory lane where he recounts the hard life he and his wife went through as immigrant workers. He also talks about his initial fears when he was starting out as a freelancer and how he conquered those insecurities and realized his true potential. Alex also discusses how living a location independent lifestyle can help you grow not just as an individual but also as an entrepreneur. Most importantly, he shares with us some incredibly valuable lessons about Facebook advertising, funnels, and paid traffic systems that you can surely assimilate into your own business. With an inspiring rags to riches story and enriching ecommerce tips, episode two of our three-part series definitely offers a lot of valuable takeaways for you!


[2:22]Alex’s Humble Beginning

[7:53]The Importance of Having A Good Partner

[11:06]How Alex Got His First Clients

[15:02]What Sets Alex Apart From The Rest

[24:39]Getting Fired Just Might Be The Best Thing To Happen To You

[30:56]Some Tactical Advice From Alex
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