Improve your cash flow with a subscription offering with Cassie Latta-Johnson


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Does it feel like every business around you is somehow switching to a subscription model except us pet photographers? All our software, education, even our own dogs food can be purchased on subscription.

How would you like to jump on board this trend and improve your cash-flow? Today’s guest took inspiration from another photographer to launch an offering to do just that with a Monthly Print Club. Tune in to hear all about it.

In the extended member-only episode you’ll hear all the details around pricing and workload, plus a conversation around the turning point for Cassie’s business which is sure to encourage those of you who are in the early stage of your business.


  • Stripe - scheduled payments
  • Logistics, workflow & workload
  • Pricing - discounted
  • Turning point
  • Books and model calls
  • Practise clients


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