S10E03 | Rewiring Your Money Mindset for Sales Success with Johl Dunn


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Every now and then we have a guest on the show who gives me the exact kick-up-the-bum I didn’t know I needed. Johl Dunn of JD Mindset Coaching is that guest! He was one of our most popular presenters at the Pet Photographers Conference earlier this year, so we just knew we had to get Johl back to the Pet Photographers Club to share more of his expert advice and actionable tips for rewiring your mindset. We were so caught up in the conversation with Johl that we ended up going DOUBLE overtime (oops, sorry Johl haha) - it’s a fascinating conversation and one you definitely don’t want to miss!


* Setting Boundaries - Treat Yourself like a Big Business
* Saying No to Charities
* The power of meditation

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Website: https://www.johldunn.com


Learn more about the special cashback offer with JD Mindset Coaching for listeners here: https://www.thepetphotographersclub.com/coaches

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