S11E01 | The marketing campaign to kickstart 2022


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Most photographers I know are so busy toward the end of the year that their marketing gets completely neglected and then in the new year, their calendars are empty.

Hopefully you have a 12 month marketing calendar in place to avoid that, but if not, fear not- I’ve got you..!

This episode today is to share my favourite campaign with you to ensure that you can kick off 2022 with bookings in the diary.

I’m talking about a Pet of the Year Competition.

#1 Re-connect with this years clients#2 Let the clients do your marketing#3 Access their network to fill your calendar!

But the last giveaway you tried was a fail? Fear not! Just ask the right questions and require a holding fee! Details in the episode!

P.S. Want the step-by-step guide AND access to the workshop replay?

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Start your business with solid foundations! I’m tlaking a proper 12 month marketing plan, a strong price list you believe in, knowing what to say and when.. and of course, tackling sales!
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